Powerbook Wallstreet batteries won't charge - Help?

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Have a nice Wallstreet that won't hold a charge. Not sure if it is the battery? (tried 3!) or something else. I installed a different charger board, thinking that was the problem- no help...
Suggestions greatly appreciated! ?? PMU board??


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Reset PMU and/or tried Battery Reset utility?

Have you reset the Power Manager?

Also, the Wallstreet is one of the very few Apple portables with an available utility to reset the battery controller board's PROM to default factory condition. Try it, if the problem lies with your batteries, you may be able to recover one or more to use.


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Re: Powerbook Wallstreet batteries won't charge - Help?

I know I'm replying to an ancient post, but in case anyone lands here, I wanted to share my solution to a similar problem on an original iBook, same vintage:
Nothing could convince my Tangerine iBook to start charging a battery, PRAM reset, NVRAM reset, new battery, pleading...Until I inserted an OS X install disk (in this case, Tiger). Tiger's kernel did some behind-the-scenes prep work that snapped the battery charger into shape. Now it works great. Note, I didn't have to install OS X, just start from the disk. It was probably important that I had already installed the firmware update that allows OS X install disks to work in the first place.