Someone selling a mint Lisa in box owned by Apple on eBay!!

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I found a guy on eBay selling a Lisa 2/10 mint in box onwed by Apple, man that thing is clean, if I had extra cash I'd offer $4000 for something like that, things like that don't come around very often if at all. I just can't believe the widget works! They always die.

Well, take a look, but if anyone on here buys it, I get first dibs to see it in action since I pointed it out Laughing out loud

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Considering the seller is Mac

Considering the seller is MacEffects, and your user avatar is a MacEffects logo, this does look a little suspicious.

edit: Seeing as you've now removed the MacEffects logo from your user profile, this seems like confirmation you're promoting the auction by pretending it's not yours. That's a bit underhanded and a disservice to the other members here.

If this is not the case, please contact me by PM.


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