140 EPROMs & 14 680x0 CPUs

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Dear Mac fans,
I am n_i_kos from Greece, a mac/nerd/guru/vintage/retro collector and i have in my "backyard" some 150 EPROMS (27C256, 27C512, 27C1024).I dont need them, since i dont have any DIY project needing such "memory".So i thought i just ask you if anyone needs/may find usefull, such ROMs.
Brands are mainly AMD, ST, intel.If any details needed, i can upload shots and more details.

I also have 7xMotorola 68010R10 CPUs and 7xMotorola 68020RC16E CPUs, taken from board/cards after a telecommunication cleaned up IT department.The CPUs are clean, the board/cards were never used, taken from their ZIF socket, not with hot air gun.
I will accept any retro Apple/Atari gear, working/not working.
Thanks in advance.

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Joined: Mar 15 2004
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add on

I forgot to tell you i have some parts (monitor, keyboard, RAM) from a PowerBook 520 or 540.I am not sure but definetely this Powerbook generation.
Thanks again !