Networking an SE/30 and question about hard-drives and fans

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I recently became interested in vintage macs - specifically the SE/30. I acquired an SE/30 in decent shape along with an Asante EN/SC/10T SCSI Ethernet 'thingy'. Forgive the loose description - but I'm not quite sure what this thing is - hence my post.

It powers on just fine but I don't have a clue as to what I need in order to get my SE/30 'online', and was hoping to get some help from folks here. So - a few questions about this Asante SCSI thing ...

- do I need any additional 3rd party software to get it to work? If so - is this software available somewhere online - as all I have is the actual hardware.

- what are the mac os system requirements necessary for this thing to work ? aka - what is the minimum system version - os 6.x, 7.x, MacTCP, etc... ?

Lastly - I've been doing some light research into replacing the hard-drive and the fan in my new/used SE/30, the goal being the most quiet SE/30 possible (when its on Smile). What 1 to 2 gb, or even higher, drives would folks recommend ? I know that's an awful lot of storage space, but I'd like to run multiple OS's.

Also - what replacement fans would folks recommend and do you know of any references that show one how to replace the fan.

Thanks for making this far and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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