Some DSK titles anyone?

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I'm l,ooking to repair some of my original disks. Some titles I cannot seem to find:
1. ADVENT (The Apple version of Collosal Cave)
2. Apple Presents, The Keyboard.

Anyone have these stored up in DSK format from their ADTPro/ADT archives? Please non-gz format, as I sometines get corruption issues in unpacking them.

And, do they still make 5 1/4 floppies? Where's the best source?


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re: Floppies

I think that there are outfits making them. Hard to know what the quality is like.

I did post an ad here in the For Sale section for some sealed boxes of disks, and some open but tested, formatted, and HELLO program installed disks. Here's the link;
floppy disks for sale

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5.25" Disk Manufacturers

I went on a hunt for 5.25" disk manufacturers. In the old days, companies such as Verbatim, 3M, and Sony used to make the double-sided disks which the Disk ][ used.

These days, it appears to be quite hard to find manufacturers. I suppose that any company still producing 5.25" disks to this day are making the 1.2MB high-density kind which unfortunately DO NOT work in the Disk ][.

As for those few people you see on eBay and other places who claim to sell "brand-new sealed disks," well I just think that they are scammers. These disks are certainly NOT new, they are just 10 year or more old stock which they've nicked from somewhere else.

As a related-type side note, one can still purchase Avery 5.25" disk labels.


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DSDD 5.25 Disks

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For 5.25in floppies, I joined

For 5.25in floppies, I joined the local freecycle and posted a wanted ad on it on it. the next day I got 4 reply's and was able to pick up the floppies. ( fyi: everything on freecycle is free)


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