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hi all,

i have a G4 400 (sawtooth) an ADC graphics card and a 17" studio display with an ADC connector. the VGA output of the card works fine, but the TFT won't power on because the G4 doesn't provide power to the graphics card - the small connector in front of the AGP slot is missing. is it possible to provide the 25V through an external power supply directly to the pins on the graphics card? all i found was this: http://www.applefritter.com/node/4008#comment-18983

has anyone tried this yet?
is the USB connection fed via DMA/AGP? is it a hardware or software solution?


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The easiest solution to your

The easiest solution to your problem would be to get an ADC-to-DVI adapter for your video card, then one of these for the monitor:


IIRC both power and USB is fed to the video card through that expansion connector in front of the AGP slot. It's absolutely a hardware solution.

Personally, I think the money would be better spent on a newer G4. Prices should start dropping more quickly on older PPC equipment since Snow Leopard only supports Intel.


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$$$ o_O

seems like i'm out of luck...

thx for the info anyway!