Trouble installing latest Microsoft Office Update on Powerbook g4 with Leopard

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I tried to install the latest update to Microsoft Office 2008 on my powerbook running leopard and it seems to freeze in the middle of the installation and and error message appears. Could this be an intel/power pc chip issue?

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Office 08 works just fine on my iMac G4 (1GHz), my wife's PowerBook G4 (1GHz), and my iMac G5 (2GHz), all running Leopard 10.5.7.

I presume all your Software Updates are up to date?

Try repairing permissions in the Disk Utility. Then restart and see if the update behaves better.


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The downloaded dmg of the lat

The downloaded dmg of the latest update from mactopia didnt work either. But the update I was having trouble instaliing may not have been the latest. I will run a repair permissions though.