change the case of iMac G5

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I have a 17inch iMac G5, and some vertical thin lines are appeared recently, but the G5 runs perfectly and I love work with it. I though to plug-in another screen when the lines will get worst but it's not the best idea because will looks ugly... so the idea is to change the case. I was thinking to put everything is inside the G5 in a horizontal case and than use it as a support for a new screen. Does anyone knows if it's possible move all the hardware from the original case to another? and will work without the original screen?

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Holy grail?

You will not be able to use the LVDS connector on the logic board with just any other LCD panel. You could use the mini-DVI port on the back of the iMac to run an external monitor (or some in-case modification in your new case), but you'll have to be sure to hook it up and turn on mirroring *before* you take things apart.

Much, much easier would be to purchase a 17" LCD panel from some trusted source (,,, or maybe somebody here at the 'Fritter) and put that in place in your current case. No crazy hacks or mods to go through, and your iMG5 will still have the aesthetics of an iMG5.

You didn't say whether this was an original 17" (no ambient light sensor or camera), a 17" ALS (ambient light sensor but no camera), or a 17" iSight (camera is a dead giveaway). There are tremendous differences in procedures for each model.


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iMac G5 screen panel..

Thank-you so much for the advises.. I have no idea what kind of screen I have... I opened the apple menu on the upper bar but I did not find the answer, anyway, it's an 17" without camera and I guess with ambient sensor... I bought this G5 in early 2006. I will like replace the panel, but it's the panel or the mother board that causes those thin lines? It started with one lines on right side, than two...three and from yesterday one new line on the other side of the screen... Maybe it will be worst in short time...
I'll take a look of the prices about the screen on those sites you told me, you think is something doable change the screen? I'm not an hardware expert..
Thanks again!

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Bad news...that iMac has a de

Bad news...that iMac has a defect that will cause the lines to appear. The motherboard is at fault and the recall ended some months ago. I too am using a Mac like that, which is a shame because no it no longer displays graphics correctly. It was one of the reasons I use an old iMac G3 to play games now...