I have new problem for g4/400

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recently,I bought second hand g4/400 motherboard.
I plan to change atx pinout for this one.
and now my problem is coming.
power is no problem and this machine can boot.
but when I reboot over and over again
it will show welcome to open warmfire
total is english instruction.
boot and shutdown let me alternate one
CPU OR motherboard has a little problem???
how to can show to ??? folder??

thx for everyone.

by account this professor forum.I guess taiwan enviroment is not better than global forum.so first time ask this platform,hope can get answer.

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try typing "bye"

try typing "bye" into Open Firmware when it prompts you. it should then boot to the ??? folder??. if it says anything else before it says what type of BootROM your computer uses, please write it down and post back


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thanks for ur answer.I have l

thanks for ur answer.I have looked for the reason.because I changed
another ati rage 128MB card(original is ati64MB).and now,everytime I boot up.It will show folder and ???.and I can hear the sound.thx for everyone.my article can provide anyone to be sample.