I have question about ps2 to adb pinout

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I have searched google.but I just look for adb to ps2 pinout instruction.
so I have a qustion.I know ps2 to adb mouse.maybe It will have a little problem.but if I create it for keyboard(PS2 TO ADB).do u have experence it???can u share it??

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I believe that http://www.applefritter.com/node/1613 dealt with something like this. I don't think it will be simply attachine one wire to a different one. They are two different types of connectors.


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Not just different connectors

Not just different connectors. Completely different data formats and electrical specifications. You will NOT be able to make a simple plug adapter and make this work.

You'll need something like kbdbabel, which is a PIC microcontroller running a conversion program. Last time I checked their site, they didn't have ADB support worked out yet.

adoreapple wrote:

I know ps2 to adb mouse.maybe

Yeah. No you don't.


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What are you trying to do, co

What are you trying to do, connect an ADB keyboard to a computer with a PS/2 port, or vice versa? If the former, and the computer has a USB port, just find a used one of these:


I can't see any earthly reason why you'd want to connect a PS/2 keyboard to a Mac with ADB, especially with God's gift to computing, the Apple Extended Keyboard II still floating around used.


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An earthly reason

I have two PS2 PCs and two ADB Macs (6500 and B&W G3) connected to a PS2 KVM switch, sharing one PS2 keyboard/trackball setup and one VGA monitor. Saves a lot of power draw and space on my desk to use one monitor, keyboard and trackball, as opposed to four.

I have a pair of Belkin PS2/ADB adapters to hook the Macs up to the KVM. They were ridiculously expensive back in the day, and not exactly cheap now on eBay. But I stumbled into a set of four for something like $30 a couple years ago and snatched them up. No, they are not for sale.

adoreapple, it would still be helpful to know which direction you need to convert:

• ADB keyboard/mouse to PS2 PC? or
• PS2 keyboard/mouse to ADB Mac?


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Belkin KVM Adapter

cwsmith, you got me curious, so I did a quick search on Google and found the manual for that Belkin adapter here:
Belkin ADB/PS2 KVM Adapter Manual
You can download it without having to add your email address. Just type the hidden numbers shown to prove you're not a robot. Interesting little device.

**[Fascinating aside some may not be aware of: I saw this on PBS Nova. In those cases when you go to download and are asked to decipher two different words to prove you're not a robot, one of the two words is actually a photocopy of a word from an old manuscript that the busy transcribing computers have not been able to transcribe. You are being tasked to do the transcribing for them. They figure that if you get the generated word correct, you more than likely got the manuscript characters correct too, and your transcription is forwarded to the transcribing computers. How cool is that?]**

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corrected link

I was informed that my link to the manual download above doesn't work, so here's the page previous to it to start at: