Need help with OS X Keychain problem

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I am running OS 10.4.11 and all of a sudden I am having problems with my internet connection password. I have tried reloading the info in System Preferences/Network/PPP (which of course automatically loads the info into the app "internet connection".

I can than start up my connection, "but" after I disconnect and try to reconnect I get "authentication failed".

If I manually retype the password into "internet connection" app, I can succcessfully connect.

So somewhere, for no apparent reason, the password is getting messed up between the sys preference network settings and the internet connection app...but only after I disconnect!

I can never connect twice in a row without manually typing in the password in the app "internet connect".

I have tried using Keychain Access and deleting keychains, repairing keychains and starting over with "internet assistant". But nothing helps, its the same scenario all over.

Should I delete a certain pref file? or any other idea?


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Have you tried doing a permis

Have you tried doing a permissions repair? Could be that simple.
I do permission repairs from a CD boot when possible, but don't know how much of a difference that really makes.

The I.T. dept at work claims that of the support calls that actually require their intervention (meaning: not the calls where the answer is "press the power button", or "no, there's no Start menu, it's a Mac"), repairing permissions is their most common and most successful action.


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didn't work

I repaired permissions and trashed these preferences:

That did not help. Any other suggestions? Thanks.