And This Weeks eBay Special Is........A Brand New Blueberry iMac!

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A Brand New in the box, never been opened Blueberry iMac. Ebay item 170387682493. Placed up for sale today.

I have to say that it does have a reserve although I do not know what it is. I figured that someone here might be interested in looking at it. I wouldn't mind bidding myself, but I have a Tangerine iMac now and I wouldn't know what to do with another one.

Have a great evening one and


Steven (gsmcten)

"Apple ][.....It's ALIVE!!!!!"

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"Apart from a faster processor, the iMac G3/333 (Fruit Colors) effectively is identical to the iMac G3/266 (Fruit Colors) that preceded it."

Well, that's a big "so what?"--comparing Rev. D with Rev. C. Of course, the machine to compare it with in terms of collectability is the original Rev. A 233mhz Blueberry iMac with which it has a lot of significant differences. The Rev. A was a far feebler machine, and I'm sure there's a few of those in unopened boxes lying around. This is a case where feebler would be better.

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That guy needs to slide it back into his closet for another decade or two and let it age to perfection. This is a prime example of "too old to be useful and too young to be interesting".