More Micron Xceed stuff.

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As I am unable to add further attachments to my previous posts, I'll have to post anew.

I am posting a .pdf-file of some documentation pertaining to a videocard called "ICKY" - this looks like a preliminary specification of the Bart video card (Color 30HR). It's interesting to read the CRT-board for the SE/30 was called the "Bartlett" internally at Micron, as the video card itself was called Bart.

This file is called 221706.PDF

Also, I have a .pdf-file of 369Color.a, with handwritten notes in the margin. This gets a little fuzzy, since the .pdf-file's 1600 kb is too much for the forum, and it's futile to zip it for size. So, it's been zipped in three parts, and renamed .txt, since I'm not allowed to add .zip-files. Just download, rename, and unpack, starting with part0. Questions welcome; always glad to help!

Tomorrow, I'll seek out a print shop and scan the A3 size PCB schematics (4 A3's in total)

My other post is found at

I hope this linking back to my previous post is not perceived as spam.

221706.PDF815.68 KB
221849.part0.ZIP.txt191.69 KB
221849.part1.ZIP.txt713 KB
221849.part2.ZIP.txt713 KB

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That 221706.pdf file is fanta

That 221706.pdf file is fantastic. I've been toying with the idea of designing an Exceed equivalent from the ground up for years and that document really helps to organize the tasks and issues. Thank you for posting this.

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Thank you. Feedback like this

Thank you. Feedback like this makes me all the more interested in scanning the pcb schematics. I'll let you know when I've found a printshop willing to do this.

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It seems like the zip files a

It seems like the zip files are unreadable. What's up with them?