emac powerpc g4

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I have an eMac power PC g4 and it has been giving me problems it has never done this before in the 6 years I have had it it turns on all right audio start up works screen goes gray apple icon and loading wheel of sticks and then you hear it boot down and it shuts it self off I have no idea why it does this it happend a week before the 30 of October. I've called apple support and they told me that it was the logic board going bad but I'm not sure if i can fix it cause they want $1000 to fix it so if anyone has any info about this I'd really love to hear it.

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Recommended starting point?

I would say, pop in your OS X discs, and if you have an external HDD, back up your important files, and reformat/reinstall the system. It sounds like a corrupt OS X install invoking the shutdown command. I would try that. I highly doubt it's the logic board.

I have worked on faulty G4 logic boards before, I have NEVER had anything like that happen on any machine I have worked on.

Still, backup your stuff (Either HDD/Flash) and re-format, and reinstall.

It just sounds like a corrupt system. I don't trust Apple Store employees any more than a trust a growling dog. The ones here are horribly ignorant, and once claimed the HDD on the MacBook had died, without even opening it. when in fact, the screen was going weird before of a Graphics issue.

I don't think apple either trains them enough to get them to diagnose stuff right, or don't have the money to hire smart people who can actually troubleshoot.


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$1000 to fix it. What a joke. Do they say that with a straight face? In other words, if you're dumb enough to pay $1000 to fix an old machine that's worth $75, then you might might want to notice that you can buy a brand new 3Ghz 21" Intel Core Duo iMac for $200 more.

You can try Diskwarrior to start. Boot from the CD and repair the directory. It's always good to have a copy of Diskwarrior.

6 years--your battery might be dead.

Another alternative is to buy a newer machine, install a fresh OS on the newer machine, hook the eMac to the new machine with a firewire cable, boot up the eMac in Target Disc Mode on the new machine, and then simply migrate your account over to the new machine using Migration Assistant. That's could save you hours of trouble, maybe days. Then install a fresh OS on the eMac and sell it for $75. If when you try to boot it up in Target Disk Mode and it does the same problem, then it probably is a hardware problem, and you'd need to buy a new machine anyway. In that case, you'd need to remove the hard drive to retrieve your files. I've never been in an eMac, but I think I remember seeing that's it's somewhat difficult to get inside of it to the components.

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emac powerpc g4

Ok thanks for help guy's i was thinking about opening it up but if I can get an eternal hd and try to boot it up with the reinstall disk then I guess thats what I have to do. I tryed running a hardware test and it stayed on longer then a min or 2 but it said everything passed i haven't tryed doing a reinstall or restore yet but i'm not sure if that would even help but i'll keep in mind those 2 things