i need help!!!!

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i need help. i was recently given a power pc g4 (pretty old) the person who i got it from is unreachable, and i really need this computer, but i can't get the password to log in... can anybody help me out with suggestions?

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Is it running OS X? You can s

Is it running OS X? You can start from an OS X CD, fire up Disk Utility and choose to reset password.

It is possible to boot into single user mode is you don't have the CD:

If it's running OS 9, hold down shift when starting, then go into the System Folder and throw out Macintosh HD:System Folder:Extensions:Multi-User folder contents and Multi-User prefs.

If it's a low-level hard drive password, a reformat is likely your only option, and I can't remember if that can be bypassed from 9/X or if you'll have to pop the drive into a PC and use the drive manufacturer's utilities to do a low-level cleansing.


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