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Well, I've got it...the dreaded aluminum pitting on my MBP's palmrest. There are various theories out there as to what causes this, most notably something about the pH level of certain people's sweat or electrolysis due to the machine not being grounded. Either of these could be the culprit as I've never tested the pH of my sweat, and the crappy type F plug adapter Apple sold me does not have grounding strips. Whatever the case, it has happened...and it looks bad.

Unless someone has a better idea (I don't really want to buy a replacement palmrest), I'd like to simply buy a non-transparent palmrest protector to cover it up. There are tons of them out there for the unibodies and other newer models, but as I've said before I'm rockin' a 1.83. I'm pretty sure the newer models have trackpads that are a different size from mine, so they wouldn't fit without some cutting and I'd rather not risk $25-$30 on messing up.

Does anybody know whether it is still possible to get palmrest covers that are cut to fit my model? I haven't been able to find anything.

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Not sure about aftermarket ca

Not sure about aftermarket cases/covers, but for major geek cred you could disassemble the machine and get the casing anodized another color. You could also design and have cut a custom vinyl wrap for the MBP top case.


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Sounds nice...

...anodized in another color Laughing out loud that makes me smile and instantly grab my tools for disassembling my 17 inch.

anyway, i was wondering why apple puts TWO stickers in the box... i guess someone found out finally Tongue

EDIT: found this on amazon, that's the one for non-unibody macbook pros:


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Thanks! I had seen mention of the Moshi cover on other forums, but everywhere I checked said that the one for my model was "permanently out of stock" or something similar. It doesn't even show up on Moshi's own website.

I was able to pull the model number from the Amazon listing and get it from good old newegg, where I hadn't thought to check for some reason. Even if I had checked, other than by using the part number (obtained from amazon's more descriptive but defunct listing) it can only be inferred from the newegg listing that it is the right part. I just ordered a set...I hope they don't send me an e-mail saying the listing was in error and it's not available. We'll see. For future reference, the part number for the Moshi palmrest cover that fits the very much non-unibody 15" 1.83 GHz MacBook Pro is:


@Dr. Webster: I don't have the skillz to even begin a project like that, and thus am undeserving of said geek cred. That may end up being my only option though. I hope not.

*edit: I sent an e-mail to a custom anodizing shop to ask whether they could handle such a part, including a link to a replacement ( ). Anybody know the grade of the aluminum or the gauge in the palmrest area of the top case? The pitting might be too deep for anodizing to help and I think given the thinness grinding is pretty much out of the question. Also, is it possible to remove the trackpad without damaging it?