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I assembled computer from g4/400 motherboard to pc case.and now the problem comes.I use my claim shell ibook's wireless card to this machine.but I found it is no I can use wireless card.I want to know how to aqure this antenna???thx

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The antenna is located in the

The antenna is located in the top half of many laptops. its a wire with tiny connectors, plenty of different ones should work as long as they have the same connector. Just make sure to run it outside the case.


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You should be able to get one

You should be able to get one off ebay. They're standard connectors, so an antenna for an HP, etc. will also fit the airport card.

Note that the modern antennas will have two connectors, one for 802.11b and one for G. If they're not labelled you may need trial and error to figure out which is which for your airport card's 802.11b.

Link, just as an example.


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