Unknown Apple ][ expansion card... Video/Graphics?

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Hi folks,
I am an apple noob pretty much prior to Performa's, and that's not saying a lot- I recently happened upon an apple ][ with what I believe is a Rev I board in it, (#7850). This card was in it,(unmarked), along with a third-party disk controller card. I have no idea what this card is, as I wouldn't know most all other cards either. It has 1 male and one female RCA plugs, (cables), and the IC chip is marked "8545." Video/graphics? 80 column? (The CPU does not have an RF Mod in it, so...)
Any help would be appreciated. Jim

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80 column card

Your card is an 80 column card. It should go in slot three. The male RCA jack should plug into your apple IIs video output and the female goes to your monitor. It should pass through 40 column text when the cards not activated. You can easily test it by booting into Basic and typing PR#3 and pressing RETURN.


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80 Column Card

Thanks Wayne, I really appreciate it. My best guess is usually a wild one. I don't know if I'll ever run this machine- It has a broken power switch- I don't think I'm going to have the time or money to get it into shape. Thanks again.


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Power Supplies


If you go up on eBay you can pick up a power supply for (usually) less than $20 (plus shipping). As a matter of fact they had several from some frieght liquidator outfit starting at $4.99.
Check it out.
Good Luck. Smile


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