emac hacking.

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Ok im new to this forum and it has got me a long way but im stuck, got an old 700mhz emac managed to get it powering off an atx power supply but im stuck with the internal vga header wiring, mine has 15 wires and they are not in the same order as anyones guides, can anyone help please.

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Re: emac hacking.

I have successfully hack the emac motherboard video out for my emac 1.25ghz. I believe we have the same cable.

the pin out for mine is as follows

<br />
       None 1 2 None<br />
     Ground 3 4 None<br />
N       Sck 5 6 12C<br />
O       Gnd 7 8 Gnd<br />
T   H sync 9 10 12C<br />
C  V sync 11 12 None<br />
H   B vid 13 14 B return<br />
    G vid 15 16 G return<br />
    R vid 17 18 R return<br />

Ignore the br /
Note: the video runs at a high resolution and a fast refresh rate.

I hope this helps


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