AF Old Guard

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Joined: Mar 21 2013
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Re: AF Old Guard

i have quite a few PPC's and i didn't know about the site either,

i tried to register, but got blocked by the spam filter...
if you have not closed shop yet to new users, i would like to register...

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Re: AF Old Guard


I just went up and my Login still works.

Steven Smile


Steven (gsmcten)

"Apple ][.....It's ALIVE!!!!!"

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Re: AF Old Guard

Hiya, Alk! I'm back here periodically as well. You've been missed. I think I'm a registered user over there or tried to register. Though from the looks of the moderator list, it seems I've got another bookmark to excise. Undecided

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Re: AF Old Guard

Just bringing this thread in to 2015 Smile



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Re: AF Old Guard

Good lord.. I've not been here in ages.

:: blows the dust off his profile ::


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