iMac G3 Rev A with LCD monitor

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Yes, the title of this article seems a bit weird, but I was wondering if there is any way to do it? I know there is a place I can insert the VGA connector (with the 15pin Apple to VGA converter). Just internally, removing the CRT, rewiring to have the second power connector, etc.

Has anyone done this? If so, have you been successful? Any info would be great, because lugging 38 pounds of sheer weight is getting hard on the arms. Smile


-- Kyle N. J. McIsaac

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Lots of pages...


Lots of people have documented connecting VGA monitors to first generation (tray loading) iMacs. For instance this site has precise pinouts:

I've done it with a number of motherboards:

Note that if you remove the CRT, you'll have to work up a new power supply since the power supply won't work without a draw. It's probably better, anyway, since there's all that high voltage stuff in there.

Good luck, and post back if you get stuck.

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Could you not get a Rev. A iB

Could you not get a Rev. A iBook for about the same cost as a monitor which would fit your iMac these days? It would be faster too (300Mhz vs. 233Mhz)


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