ADB to USB ?

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I would like to use my ADB Wacom tablet on a PC. Found the previous post which indicated that there's an adaptor available to convert to PS/2, but I'd prefer usb or standard PC DB9 serial (especially if I can make one myself). Insight anyone?

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iMate oughta do the trick . . .

I've got one of these I'm using with my Quicksilver to attach an old ADB Extended KB II w/ an ADB TurboMouse 4, allegedly it can be used with a PC but I haven't tried it yet:

eBay's where I got mine . . .

Dan K


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I've got a nice big Wacom tab

I've got a nice big Wacom tablet that won't work with USB. Would work great for a PC serial tho'

Let me know if you're interested.