PowerMac 5400/180 - MacOS won't install

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I am attempting to resurrect a PowerMac 5400/180, and after downloading the 7.5.3 System Software, it will not recognize the machine. I believe 7.5.5 was running on the machine before I got ahold of it. Can anyone tell me if there is an enabler or other software required to get this machine up and running again?


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The installer checks which Mac you have and then uses a script to install the correct software. Unfortunately the 5400 came out after 7.5.3 did so it has no script for this computer and doesn't know what to do. Since the 5400 came out with 7.5.5 it'll likely run on 7.5.3 if you can get it installed. Try holding down the option key when you click on the System installer icon. That should let you install 7.5.3 on your HD.