Newb needs advice on msDOS compatability (re:CDs)

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Hey there

I was given a cool Power Macintosh 7600 last night. I'm having problems updating her.

This is my first encounter with the Mac os but from what I can see I have a very early distrobution (B1-7.5.3 R:2.2)which has next to no point-to-point networking features.

I've found some applications online which will let me configure the modem and utilise my dial-up ISP.

Here is the problem;

The only machine I have which can retrieve apps from the Net and burn them to CD is running Windows98.

When I insert the CD media into the Mac I'm alerted that it's an incorrect format and asked if I want to initialize the disc to 1.4 MB

Is what I'm attempting to do possable?


Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

~ Archie.

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Okay, CDs are out. :( I've

Okay, CDs are out. Sad

I've just discovered the HFS filesystem and have no way to emulate it on DOS.

Is there any other solution you can think of? I'm trying to figure out these cables to see if I could mount a DOS drive or something...

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Mac CD drivers

Check the Mac CD drivers, and make sure they're turned on in the extension manager control panel. Also check, er...what's it called in that release...file exchange? PC exchange? That should be turned on, too, to read PC CDs.
Your 7600 should have no problem reading an ISO 9660 format CD burned on your PC.


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Hi eeun Smile

Thank you for your help!

I'm all sorted and upgraded now.