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yep, i'm here again, and without all of the annoying chatroom typing...

ok, here we go.
i have my home-grown computer *named chipmunk*
I've got 256 MB DDR Ram
1 40 gb hdd
1 6 gb hdd
xp pro,
sound blaster pro
diamond supra pro 56k modem
basic floppy
and all of your regular parts not above mentioned, and a 8 mb vga video card

anyways, i want to put mac 8 *or higher* on my PC. Do i need to get an emulator, or can i reformat my 6 gb hdd, and use it as the mac os hdd.?


chipmunk out

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Pear PC

PearPC, the newest Mac emulator has been reported to run OS X and other PPC software on PCs.

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hey, thanx

does this program work with windoz xp w/ and amd athlon xp+ 2500 processor, or will it run way too fast, like basilik

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PearPC Speed

If you use the standard version of the program, it runs 500x slower than the processor. With an XP 2500 (actual clockspeed 1.83ghz), it will run at approximately 4mhz.

With the JIT version, it runs 40x slower than the processor. In this case, it will run at approx. 50mhz.

For MacOS 8, Basilisk II may be your best bet for now.

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kay, thanx

btw, does it support os 7.5.3?
i've got about 11 of 16 parts of the os sys. on an apple recovery site, and i need 2 know how to put all of the .bin files together, and i'm clueless yet again. Would it be better to run pear or bas. w/ 7.5.3, or where can i find a copy of 8?

btw, forgot to ask ,whats a JIT version?
thanx for all the help again, chipmunks says thanx 2 !

bat, i also need to find out how to bring up a menu, when i start my computer, to choose which hdd to startup from.

ne clues

chipmunk out (if you were wondering, chipmunk is my nickname, and my computers name!) just to clarify things ima confusin person

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I'm not sure

I've set up 7.6.1 on Basilisk II before in order to run Bill Cosby's Picture Pages software on my wife's PC (don't ask), but I haven't tried the one from Apple's site for 7.5.3 yet.

I know it's a multi-part disk image file made from Apple's DiskCopy software, but am not sure how to combine them into one file on a PC.

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It's Rather Simple...

When you get all of the parts in a single directory, then click on "...part 1 of x" (where 'x' is the number of parts). As long as your on a Mac or an emulator with an OS loaded, it will read all the files and mount it as a virtual disk on your desktop. Then, open the virtual disk and select the installer and the rest is gravy.

The Czar


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Disk Image

Can you put the disk image onto a bootable cd using an emulator. All I have is a pc and an ibook with no cdrw drive and a pm 8100. Can you?



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Just happened upon PearPC, lo

Just happened upon PearPC, looks interesting. I've only seen OSX on it though. Didn't know about basilik, personally i'm looking for a way to make HFS cd's since I don't have a 50pin scsi burner it's kinda hard to put YDL on a CD for the 6100 :Smile

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What's that about HFS CDs? J

What's that about HFS CDs? Just burn the .iso images you get from YDL like any other .iso file... :? Mac


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