12" G4 PowerBook Multi-Color Logo Mod!

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I just thought I would drop a line to let people know I sucsessfully changed the plain white glowing Apple logo on my 12" G4 Powerbook into a classic multi-color Apple Logo.

Click one of the pictures or go to my website to see more pictures and an explanation.

my website:

Check it our and let me know what you think.

-Jim Younkin

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Joined: May 17 2004
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Site for how to take apart G4 PB lid

I forgot to link to the original site I got directions from on how to take the lid off the G4 Powerbook.

Here it is:

Happy Hacking!

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Purdy! :mac: I still like t

Purdy! Mac I still like the old school logo, and your hack shows the color strips a bit better than putting a sticker under there. No offence to those who have done so, using a pre-made sticker is "authentic", but the sizes don't quite match well. Your use of the gels give you much more control of the stripe size with good results.


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