What about its built-in features?

80 Column display.

143K internal Disk drive.

Interface for up to 4 disk drives.

RS232-C. Can be made to serve six devices with a

Color : All 16 colors with 192 lines of 280 dots per

Graphics: 16 shades of green with 192 lines of 560 dots per

Sound : 64 volume settings and over seven octaves.

Speaker : of speech producing quality.

Monitor ports: RGB or any video device; NTSC 80 column

Real time clock (location 3-B on mother board).

Two Joystick ports, A&B. Silentype printer can share port

Diagnostics in ROM.

Audio output: SOS Audio Driver can be rewritten to your

Built-in security mount to prevent theft.

256k RAM ability, 512k potential without strain.

Four expansion ports.