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I've spent hours trying to rid my CC of annoying pincushion screen distortion, but I'm not having much luck. It looks like the following:

As you can see here, the corners look good, but the sides are slightly bowed in. When I add more pincushion to straighten the sides, I get this:

Now the sides are straight, but the corners are curved in!

The top of the screen is slightly curved in either case. Is there ANY way to get a perfectly rectangular screen, or are these computers just doomed to distortion?

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Well, the first pic is typica

Well, the first pic is typical of a display whose horizontal width is maxed out. The second pic is more unusual. I would recommend getting ahold of the CC service manual and doing the video geometry adjustment the way the manual recommends. If you keep fiddling with the various geometry adjustments you can get into a situation where it'll never look right. The service manual prescribes a specific order in which to try each adjustment, which will help you really determine the maximum width of your particular CC's screen display.

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I'd increase the side borders

I'd increase the side borders to the point at which the barrel distortion adjustment has little effect, then get the sides straight, then try to increase the display width again. Putting a 'CL26' in circuit, as with the hi-res/VGA mods, may help if all adjustments fail.



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