Drennan on the Graphics Board

Richard Drennan
4590 Oberlin Avenue
Lorain, Ohio 44053
May 5, 1978

Hi Joe.

I finally got my graphics board to work!!! I'm sending along the information
on the graphics that I've been promising you for the last several months.
The system uses the SWTP GT-6144 Graphics board kit which can be had for around
$100.00 . I'm sending you the following: 1) some sales liturature about the board
2) a schematic of how I hooked up the board (it's actually very simple) 3) a
diss-assembled copy of a subroutine needed to set up the graphics PIA and to clear
the graphics screen and 4) some notes to help anyone who might like to try to hook
up the GT-6144. I did not go into much detail about programming with the GT-6144
because the is covered very well in the instructions included with the GT-6144.
If there is anything that I can do to help anyone attempting to use my hook-up,
I'd be glad to help them.

Well, thats it for now. Hope that the information on the graphics board will
be of some help to someone out there.


Richard Drennan