Powermac 9500 How many internal drives?

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My PM9500 is as follows:
-280 mhz G3
-(2) ATI mach 64 w/4MB VideoRAM each
-Firewire/USB 2.0 PCI
-Asante 100baseT PCI
-Adaptec UW2940 (SCSI)
-(2) Seagate Cheeta 10,000 RPM, 18.5 GB drives
-Apple 12x CD-ROM

What I want to know is...
-Can I mount one of the drives lower and add a SCSI internal ZIP?
-or replace the floppy w/ a ZIP?

Why I would think so...
-the PS has plugs for 4 devices

Why I don't have the cahones...
-I used to have four of those Cheetas in there and I suspect I toasted my PS this way.

I've tried finding relavent info on the net and have turned up nothing.
You guys are my last hope.


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I've had up to 5 internal HDs . . .

in my 9500, but none were hot mamas like your 10K Cheetahs. I mounted a pair in the bottom (fabbed a 2-drive bracket with fan), plus 3 in the usual front bays.

I can't see any reason a ZIP wouldn't work in the floppy slot, tho I personally hate ZIPs and therefore cannot recommend placing one anywhere but in the trash. Laughing out loud

Add up all the power consumption and compare with PS's output for power availablility.

Dan K


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