Aluminum shell necessary?

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Does anyone know if the flexible, molded aluminum shell that goes around the chassis of the CC is really necessary? I bent mine up pretty bad. Does it just provide shielding? Is it overkill? Thanks!

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I think that's the first to g

I think that's the first to go. I thought that shell was steel but it's been a while since I have had one. They went in the dumpster long ago. I believe it was to cut down on possible radio interference but I can't detect any on my radio or TV.


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It acts as a faraday cage and

It acts as a faraday cage and thus, when grounded, isolates the computer and the outside to radio interfearence. It was put there to pass regulations.

Id keep it in there personally...


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Pain in the butt

...that's what it is.

Anyone who is inside their CC more than two or three times has likely left it off for good. I've yet to see a photo of anyone's Takky or Mystic that still had it in place.

Markatz is correct in that it is an RF shield for CSA, FCC, whoever...compliance, but outside of the testing lab you'll find it makes little difference and it won't interfere with the TV when Survivor XXV: Are You Sick Of It Yet? is on.


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