And now another PB 1400 problem ...

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This problem relates to the same PB 1400/133/G3 as discussed in my previous post "Dead PRAM battery in 1400?" but I thought I'd better start a new topic for this.

While I had my new 1400 on vacation I intended to use it for internet access. But when I tried to set up AOHell (v 5.0) it seemed unable to connect to the (external) modem. It gave me three successive error messages. First:

"The requested serial port is in use by another application or extension ... etc. etc. ... Do you want to reset the port? YES NO"

Having seen this message plenty of times before on other macs I know that you just press YES, it resets the port and everything goes fine. Not this time. Second message:

"The only way we found to connect you is TCP/IP"

Of course you can cancel out of the auto-set-up and go back through "expert set-up" to select a modem (US Robotics 56k). However, when I did that and tried to connect, I got message #3:

"Connection warning: Unable to communicate with the modem. Please check that the modem is securely connected, turn it off and on, etc. etc. ..."

Now, as it happens, in the middle of my vacation I had to make a trip home for a meeting. So while I was there I did the following: picked up another modem (to check if my modem was crapped out); and burned my home AOL folder and AOL Preferences folder onto a CD. I've always found that once you have AOL installed, you can switch out those folders so as to copy all your modem settings, access numbers, favorites etc. onto your new computer. Well, back at the beach timeshare I tried all that and nothing worked. Same messages.

Lastly, as noted in my other post, I also did a clean install of OS 8.5 (after trying all of the above things). So I tried using the internet set-up assistant to find the modem, again with no success. Tried AOL set-up after the clean install - nothing.

So now I feel like I have exhausted every trick I know and I need some help with this. Maybe the modem port is just plain broken somehow? Or maybe some previous owner had this PB set-up with a TCP/IP connection and now it won't see the modem ... ??

Anyway, any ideas?

Bruce - in Orlando

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Joined: Dec 20 2003
Posts: 21
Still waiting for some help o

Still waiting for some help on this one - anyone?