G4 recognizing only 32gb of 120gb slave drive

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I have a 477mhz, G4 with a 30gb built-in drive. I installed a maxtor 120gb internal hard drive, set it up as a slave drive and my computer is only recognizing it as a 32gb drive. The maxtor manual mentions having to install a ata/133 card if you are installing a drive larger than 137gb, but since the second drive is only 120gb, I didn't think I'd have to do that. Does it have anything to do with the combination of both drives? Any ideas, suggestions? I already brought one drive back thinking it was a bad drive.

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Check and make sure the drive

Check and make sure the drive is jumpered correctly. Many modern drives have an option to "clip" the drive at a lower capacity so it'll work with older machines with broken BIOSes. (Hitachi/IBM drives have this absolutely insane number of options for doing that.)