Can I download Mac programs onto my pc

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I would like to find out if there is a way that i can download programs, files from the net to my Pc,then would be able to copy those files on a floppy from the pc, and install them on a Mac classic.
is that possible.?, and if so what do i need and where can i get it. is there a website, where there are programs for free for Mac classic II.
sincerely Matthew

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You can without any software if you limit the downloads to compressed or encoded files.

Any files ending with:


Should be fine, but you'll have to decode them on your Mac.

Be sure not to download .img or .smi files on your PC or uncompressed Mac files as it will remove a part of the file you need.


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As the previous poster said. You can save any archives to a PC floppy, then open the archive on the Mac using PC Exchange (which, if you don't have it, is a free download from Apple's Land o' Dead Software). You'll have to get PC Exchange on to a Mac floppy to install it in your Mac.

The other option is a program like TransMac for your PC, which will let you format and write to Mac floppies. The same points apply, viz. the kinds of archives you can move, though.