which software for classic II

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Hello, and thanx for all the people who responded to my questions, and here is anther one.
It seems that apple made changes to the operating systems and chips for their macs through the time, so if i found a program "a screen saver "...etc, what programs i can use for the mac classic,and what i cant use.What operating system only works for the classic.
2. and where is a populer place on the net to get these programs.
sincerely Matthew

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You can use anything from 6.0.8 to 7.6.1. System 7 may feel a bit faster than 7.6 but some prefer 7.6. Which you use is up to you, There's lots of software on the net. You should be able to find a fair bit without much searching.


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I sat on a Classic II for abo

I sat on a Classic II for about two years, and still used it frequently even after I got other things. Your best bet is 7.1 (NOT 7.0, NOT 7.5.x...) 6 is WICKED limiting if you wanna use the machine for any moderately recent application[s]; and although it CAN run 7.6.1, the maximum RAM limit of 10 MB won't get you very far...you can use certain things FROM 7.5 and 7.6 in 7.1 though.. Windowshade, appearance, extensions manager, etc etc...control strip too. It's best to get the Open Transport stuff from 7.6.1 when using 7.1, just makes for easier connectivity when it comes to the net. For connection, use a program called "Free PPP" instead of apple's built in modem and dialer software...it's out there, just do a quick search and you should be able to find it... I think it's on version 2.6.2

It would be a good idea to find older versions of the StuffIt suite too, I think I had StuffIt expander, DropStuff, the StuffIt Engine, StuffIt Engine Power Plug, and DropZip all around version 5 or so before I stopped using the machine.


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