PC Compatibilty Card Repair

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I have an 8600/200 with an Apple PC Compatibility card. Connected to the back of that card is a 3-headed cable going from the card to the video port to the monitor cable.

My problem is that the end of the cable going to the monitor's cable is becoming loose. The video works, but sometimes the color flickers.

is there a simple repair for this?

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Not sure as far as a repair i

Not sure as far as a repair is concerned, but when I was back in high school, when I was a freshman- there were some 6100s with the PC compatibility card, and half of them had the same problem with the video losing/changing color. Might just need a new cable, or at least be as nice to that one as possible.


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The "simple repair" would inv

The "simple repair" would involve chopping off the existing connector and wiring on a new one. If you could find the pinout, it shouldn't be too hard.


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