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So here's my deal...

I have an Apple IIc+ w/1MB RAM, built-in 3.5 800K drive, external Laser 5 1/4 drive.

I managed to get a disk image of PRODOS 8 w/shrinkIt 3.4 to a disk that will boot my IIc+ via my PM9500(G3) (after a couple of attempts).

However my PM9500 would lock up if I tried to write any other files to the PRODOS disk.

So I went out and bought an SE/30 just to get files from my iBook to my Apple II. I can get them, burn a disk (UDF), copy them to my SE/30's HD and then when trying to copy ".dsk" images I get "error-cannot complete because error type -37."

I can copy ".shk"s, but when I get them to the AppleII the mac has "forked" them and my boot disk has nothing able to "unfork" them.

So I download "UnFork," well it is a ".shk" file and my mac "forks" it?

How can I deal with this? Too many geek nights have been messed by this or that.

I think if I can somehow obtain "unfork" or better yet a boot disk with dsk2file, unfork, and shrinkit, I would be full of Joy!

Help?... Please?...

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Hey Zaphod. . .

Hey Zaphod, I was just thinking of you.

Nice second head, and the extra arm suits you.

I was starting to head down the same path as the original poster. Instead I got the Compact Flash Card reader for my Apple IIe, and do all my modern Mac/Apple ][ transfers that way, no fuss no muss, and no interpretation of files when they are loaded on the Mac into OS X.