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Have already replaced the 120mm exhaust and 80mm in the psu with some rather nice blue neon fans. Am struggling to find a quiet 60mm fan that can push around 23 cfm onto my heatsink, in my QS867. I am in the UK and 60mm fan choices are limited vantec is about all i can find, but it doesn't push enough air. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Look around for Panaflo fans.

Look around for Panaflo fans...they're quiet and efficient.


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I second the panaflo comment.

I second the panaflo comment. They are awesome fans. Very quite, well build and they have a good price also.

Take a look here


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Panflo is the brand to get!

Panflo is the brand to get!
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will tell you were ;D

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the best way to go for effice

the best way to go for efficency and quiet woud be MagLev fans. Where the drive shaft is suspended magnetically.

for more information about how thay work:

Where you can buy one:


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G4 Sawtooth Fans

I was considering getting some newer and quieter fans for my G4 sawtooth 350 MHz, since I have a fan that sounds like it's got serious laryngitis when I shut the computer off for more than a few hours. It runs fine, as long as it stays running... but obviously it's ready to kark it and needs a replacement. What better reason (other than because one feels like it) to swap out the fans for better and quieter ones?

An article regarding fans in G4 systems I found educational:

The Quietsilver article hosted by Applefritter, is very helpful and encouraging...

Some questions remain, however... From what I gather from the article above, the Quietsilver main case fan is 120 mm square by 25 mm deep...

But I was wondering if the G4 Sawtooth has the same size fans as the Quicksilver model? I don't want to dismantle my computer just yet, just to take a mesuring tape to the fan bits.

The CPU fan is 60 mm square by ? Looks like I have a little leeway on that subject but I'd like to be sure anyway

How about the power supply fan? Measurements, or should I bother with it? I am thinking "no" unless it's the fan starting to give out on me.

Any suggestions, information to add help me along with this project?

Thanks in advance... Mac OS


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