ibook g3 14" 800 mhz radion 9700 32 megs 30 gig hard drive 256 ram OS X 10.2 OS X 10.3 Panther server ect look

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Hi I have an Ibook I just got Im a pc person and dont fully understand everything yet but Im looking to sell or trade
for a laptop with equal performance .
Specs : Ibook 14" screen 800 mhz 30 gig hd radion 9700 32 meg memory cd rw dvd combo os X 3.1 and osX Panther server installed Also
original recovery disk no manual .
The only thing is I had o fix the cd rom cause a kid owned it
and jamed a screwdriver in it and broke the eject cable ribbon I have fixed that and it works great burns, plays dvd ect . Just is missing the front cd rom cover .
A few scratches on the case the battery works fine .
Shoot me a price or give me a trade offer Thanks ,Mark Gardner

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Here is my e-bay id mg8167 an

Here is my e-bay id mg8167 and e-mail me at
If you think Im some kind of scammer If you want this for a certain
price Ill set up a e-bay auction that only you can bid on so you can
buy it securely .

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Sounds like a nice laptop...

But too bad the only laptop I have is an older AMD K6-2 450. Sad Good luck with your trade though. Smile


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What are you interested for a trade?

I am interested in this iBook. What are you looking for in a trade? me with details.