1400 to Brain 'Book - the Whole Sordid Tale.

No one may remember this place--unless you are from the Boston area--but there was a place called Learningsmith--General Store For A Curious Mind. I worked there for a while, but then they folded and I have a chance now to pay homage to this great place. Sad? Maybe. Geeky? Yes, yes it is.

I had great experiences at this place, and have done my best to stay in touch with the people that I met there. What better way to pay my respects than through my first modest mod.

I started this with a Powerbook 1400cs, with 48 MB RAM, 775 MB HD, built-in ethernet, running System 7.6.1--changing soon to 8.6, along with a new 2 GB HD, but that is beside the point. Be forewarned, this is not yet done, and even when it is, it will not be a big extravagant hack, but I will be proud of it.

1400, pre-Brain 'Book

Start at the starting point--plain old 1400

1400 transformation into Brain 'Book

Bookcover and other covers have to come off for painting.

Brain 'Book bookcover

The bookcover goes white with some Krylon Infusion--good stuff!! I the attached the brushed metal Learningsmith logo that I stole from the store (oops!) with an overlap so that it would cover the Apple logo--no offense Apple!

Brain 'Book goes purple

Now the 'Book goes a little purple--hidden homage to Prince, perhaps...or, not. It took a LOT of tape and saran wrap to paint this sucker without taking it apart. Time consuming, I agree, but based on previous experiences, a logical choice. And it turned out very nicely.

Brain 'Book--finished, ...OR IS IT???

The Brain 'Book: phase I is complete! Not too shabby!

Well, again I know that it is not the most extravagant mod, but I am happy with the results so far. Other than the upgrades that I intend to make to the hardware/OS mentioned at the beginning, I also plan to paint the top case/palm rest, as well as add more to the outside--a ring of green around the logo. The colors being used are all the colors of the Learningsmith, may it rest in peace! Add a wireless card and it is a pretty respectable websurfer to boot!

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illiac's picture

:coolmac: [b]very[/b]clean.

Cool Mac veryclean. i have a friend from boston, and she remembered the store.

Tarmas's picture

yep... nice and clean, but it

yep... nice and clean, but it somehow lost it's Apple identity. I'm not into hacks like that

Help me change that

Thanks for the compliments.

"...but it somehow lost it’s Apple identity."

Yep, I have thought about that. I am looking around for an apple logo similar to the Learningsmith disk on the front. Do you know where I might find one? Maybe an old keychain fob or somesuch. Of course the Apple on the inside--below the screen will remain in all its glory no matter what.

westieg3's picture


make something with the store logo on the apple logo. you know, both of then combined. i wouldnt know what to make it out of but i think that would keep the apple identity but still retain the store logo.