Are the Mac Se and classicII problems the same.

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Ok, so my classic II is dead, and iam pretty sure it is a problem with the Logic"computer board", not the Power sweep one.
I butchered it by placing a knew capacitors, but still no results. I looked at some articles how to fix a mac, but they all for the SE, so is it possible the SE and MacII have similar circuits and design, anyone can help with some ideas, or maybe where can i get anther working board.
I took out the memory and still the same problem, and there is no expansion boards on it.
sincerely Matthew

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SE and Classic II

The SE is an 8MHz 68000 machine. The Classic II is a 16MHz 68030 machine. The differences beyond those two fundamental differences are also many. There is more in common between the Classic and the SE. Classic II (or Performa 200) logic boards turn up on eBay from time to time. Look also at the sellers' eBay shops. Even the analogue boards (shared by Classic and Classic II) can occasionally be found on eBay.


PS: If you don't know of it already, this may be a helpful site:


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