Hawking Antenna Goodness

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Well, today I went to CompUSA and saw that they were selling a Hawking omni antenna for US $29.99, so I picked it up. My room, it seems, is praticially a wireless dead zone. I have a Linksys router/AP at one end of the house, and my room is at the other. I had given up on getting my wireless card to work, so I purchased a WET-11 a few months ago. It's antenna was too small. So, I got home and opened up the Hawking. I tried to first attach it to the Linksys AP by way of the adapter for the connector the AP uses. It didn't work. So, I removed the adapter (which came with the antenna), removed Linksys antenna from the WET-11 and attached the Hawking. I then ran the config tool. Now it works flawlessly.
Bottom line: the Hawking omni antenna rules.


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Yes it does. I can sit outsid

Yes it does. I can sit outside on my front lawn and surf on my AlBook with excellent signal strength, while with the stock antenna I could only get about 40% signal. For $30 it's a helluva deal.


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