280c upgraded to 2300 looking for CD drive info

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I've just upgraded my old 280c with a 2300 PowerPC processor, and I'm hoping to find a way to use a CD drive through the Minidock, with has a 15-pin scsi connection. But I'm lost where to start. I noticed someone here was doing similar and I'm hoping for some help. Anyone know what kind of CD drive works best for this, and what kind of software I might need with it? And if I need a cable made (not many of those 15-pin scsi connectors around anymore), what specs and where. Any help would be a great help.


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If it's SCSI on a Duo it's an

If it's SCSI on a Duo it's an HDI-30 plug, which is square with a little triangle sticking up on the top. If the port you are looking at is really a 15-pin plug in the shape of a long D, then it's most likely a Mac monitor plug. Exactly which mini-dock do you have?


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floppy dock?

I bet yer gots a floppy dock, not a minidock. The floppy connector isn't scsi, so no need to bother trying to locate a CD for it. Laughing out loud

You need another different dock, eg: a full size dock, to add a scsi port.

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