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Hey fellows I'm new and made an mistake there. how can I transfer to the apple ][ forum from there my write-up?its about smartmodem 2400 to internet on an apple ][.how is it done getting one on the Internet?Its In hardware hacks. heartfelt thx for any and all help woogie and all.

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Joined: Jun 8 2004
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Transfered thx Guys!.....I think It Ok now!

Thx for that Help on the net w/ that 1 st one I ever did Jon & Woogie and all the rest.How was It done In 1977-78-79 that the made It onto the net with an Apple ][? what were the specs & hardware cards needed to do it and the monitor needed to do it? does anyone Know what It took to do it?there was an ISP called Quantum that was the ISP that did it then. It was done on apple ]['s and was able to do it with an text email and an different monitor than the original apple one, anybody know?many thanks for the exchange here on this first try.hank

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Apple II and the Internet

There is a thread in the old Applefritter board
about this (actually there are several). I think
that you could find what you are looking for by
going to ""
then check the 2nd thread. when finished, do a
search and find the other threads on this subject.
Tom Owad has left the old Applefritter Boards up
as reference and research materials just for this
reason. Good luck. Hope this is helpful.


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