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Hello all!

Listen I have a 1400cs 117, 16mb ram, 775hd w/ 7.6.1, internal ethernet expansion card--not PC card--good battery and AC adapter. The problem is it has no screen. I can put the lcd with it, even though I can't get it to work. I have already recycled the screen plastics, so unfortunately they would not be included.

I would like to get $40 plus actual shipping for this PB. It is actually quite functional, so you could put a new screen on it or part it out and use it to fix problems on your current 1400.

I would also trade for any unusual 1400 part or accessory. I would love to have a single 48mb ram card--or 2 24s. If I got something along those lines I would also include the two 16meg cards I have in my current 1400.

If you have any questions please PM or post here--either way I will respond quickly.

Thanks everyone!


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I want it.

I an very intersted in your PB 1400. me of it is still available. Well me even if it isn't available...I don't want to wait for an email that isn't coming. Tongue