Computer Hardware and Software for sell or trade

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Gateway GP6-350 MOBO Slot 1, with onboard 8mb video and sound working. $20
2 sticks of 32MB PC100. $5
1 stick of 64MB PC100. $10
Ensonic ES1370 Audio PCi Sound Card. $8
Seagate Hornet Tape Drive. Working?? $5-$10
Compaq CD-rom. Working $5
1.44MB Floppy Drive. Working $2
2 sticks of 128MB PC100. $30
VGA Monitor. Working $15
200Watt Power Supply. Working $5
400MHz PII Slot 1 CPU $10

After Dark Screen Saver for Mac v3.0 $1
Claris Works 4.0 for Mac $2
Homepage 3.0 for Windows. $10
Mandrake Linux 8.1 $12

Note* I can put the Gateway back together with Windows 2k Pro with 128mb or more. But the Gateway will not be in a Gateway Case it will be in a different case. Make an offer.