display mirroring with OSX/beige G3 AV

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beige G3/300 with the Apple A/V card (composite and s-video in/out)

I recently felt like tinkering and pulled out my old beige G3 and begun by putting OS X 10.1.2 on it. That was a whole pain in itself, but I finally coerced into finishing the install. Please forgive me- I've been in Wintel land for the past 2 years. Being a complete newbie to OS X, I now have a few specific questions:

- How do I activate video mirroring in OS X? When I go to the Display settings all I see is resolution and color depth. (In 9.2.2 the 'TV Mirroring 2.3.1' control strip module gave me control over mirroring function) Do I need a certain extension for this, or should I go pick up a newer version of OS X, or is this hopeless on this old box?

- Along those lines, what generic version of OS X includes the Apple DVD Player? (The 10.1.2 build I have doesn't seem to include it) I have a DVDROM from a scrapped G4 that I've put in this machine and want to try to get that working.

That's all for now... Thanks in advance.

I get those two items resolved and hopefully I'll be able to watch the world's choppiest DVD playback mirrored onto my crappy television via a crummy Radio Shack RF modulator. sweet...

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I can't recall if 10.1 was any different from later OSes but it should work like this
Open system preferences and click on didplays.
Make sure both displays are set to the same resolution and amount of colors
Click arrangement and check the Mirror Displays box


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there's no signal being sent

there's no signal being sent through the video out so all I get in the Displays CP is resolution and color depth for the 1 main monitor. No other options. I've gotten feedback from others that this AV card is not supported by OS X at all.

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OS X Does Not support the AV Card

Mac OS X Versions Public Beta Thru Panther dont support the av card, kinda sucks that it doesnt. but u cant really, your best bet is to get an apple presentation kit and use that it has a Scan converter thats what i use works great


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