Newby. Need advice. Where best 2 buy 2gig ram for G4 125ghz 15"AL PWRBK?

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Just need some simple advice for stupid Q: I want to upgrade my G4 from 1 gig (2 512's) to 2 gigs (2 1gig's). So many dealers! Which has best quality ram? I want to save over Apple's $700+ per gig price, and am willing to pay more than the lowest price for crucial quality ram. Is there a consensus? Thank you. Undecided



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Not trying to crap the thread but this should be in the PPC macs section. As for ram, I'd go with Crucial or Kingston (permitting its Mac compatible, which I imagine is true). Check out for the lowest price, but you should stick with name brand ram IMO.


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Datamem has OK prices and a good service department/return policy.


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Just buy it from Crucial. I'v

Just buy it from Crucial. I've never had any problems with their RAM. Never buy memory from Apple unless your money is really burning a hole in your pocket.


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We've had some *really* bad luck with Kingston memory with 15" in Al Powerbooks at my office. I'm sure your mileage may vary, but... I'd avoid it based on experience. Crucial we've had pretty decent luck with.

Oddly enough, the situation seems to be reversed with the Dells. Kingston *always* works with them, but Crucial we've gotten at least one bad batch of.