WTB:WTT: Gossamer Beige G3 Mobo with proc or B&W G3 Mobo complete

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I am looking for a Beige G3 Motherboard with processor, it dont have to have RAM or anything like that. Also looking 4 a G4 ZIF Processor For the same Or a complete B&W G3 Motherboard would be nice as well, My custobeige got hit by lightening and cooked the mobo, im looking to revive it as the 9600 is the only working system i have right now. Would be willing to trade the 9600 G3 500 System for a Beige G3 Mobo with G4 ZIF or a B&W G3 Motherboard complete with power on board and firewire module and a G4 Proc for it.

Specs are as follows on the 9600
G3 500mhz Processor
6 Slots, Firewire Card, Radeon 7000, USB Card AH2940UW SCSI Card. Glyph 18GB 15,000RPM Ultra160 SCSI HD, Glyph CDRW Drive External SCSI, HP ScanJet 6100C Scanner, Wacom Graphics Tablet. MacOS 9.2.2. And Panther Via XpostFacto. Would recommend not running anything higher than 9 on it i did it to see if it could be done, otherwise its a great system


CustoATX Beige G3 Tower w/ Panther DT Beige G3 266 w/ Panther 128k,512k,Plus, SE, SE FDHD, SE/30, Classic, Classic II, Color Classic, eMate 300, Newton 100, Apple IIc, PB 540, Digital Picture frame.

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I have a beige G3/300 mobo wi

I have a beige G3/300 mobo with cpu as well as 256mb of ram if you are interested.
I would be willing to sell outright or trade for a slimmed down machine.
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