WTB: WTT G4 ZIF Processor & 2x256MB RAM Modules 9600 is up for trade

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I am looking for a G4 ZIF for my beige g3, it is back running again. Would be willing to trade off the entire 9600 system for a G4 500 or faster for this thing. Also Looking for 2x256MB PC 133 Memory that is backwards compatible with the g3. Otherwise the G3 is pretty set
The 9600 specs are
G3 500MHZ
AH2940UW SCSI Card
Glyph 20GB Ultra160 15,000RPM SCSI Drive
Plextor CDRW
HP ScanJet 6100C Scanner
USB/FireWire Card
Radeon 7000 PCI 64MB Flashed PC Version
Triple Boot MacOS 10.3.3, Mandrake Linux PPC 9.1, MacOS 9.2.2


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